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lagt inn 16. nov. 2012, 04:17 av Øyvind Kalnes

NYTimes Room for Debate: How Can Targeted Killings Be Justified?
Noa Shachtman & Robert Beckhusen: Hamas Shoots Rockets at Tel Aviv, Tweeting Every Barrage
Daniel Byman: Israel's Gamble in Gaza
Michael Koplow. How Not to Wage War on the Internet (Israel - Palestine)
John Garnaut: National Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
Kendra Dupuy et al.: Foreign aid to local NGOs: good intentions, bad policy
Mahin Khan: From transitional justice mechanism to monumental revenge: the Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunal
Mohanad Hage Ali: New leader of Syria's opposition has a history of statements that are anti-Semitic and outrageous
Noah Shachtman: Israel Kills Hamas Leader, Instantly Posts It to YouTube
T.J. Waters: Social Media and the Arab Spring
John McLaughlin: The New Battlefield. 5 ways terrorism has changed since 9/11.
Micah Zenko: Dempsey's Paradox. The world is getting less violent. So why do we feel so threatened?
Michael Joseph Gross: World War 3.0
Adam Segal: What to Read on Cybersecurity
Nick Hopkins: Dronestagram – the website exposing the US's secret drone war
Giuseppe Lenzo: The Sicilian blow to Italian politics. (Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement)
Martha Crenshaw: Reaction Time. Why terrorism derails every administration.
J.M. Berger: The Awakening. Why white nationalists are thrilled with Obama's victory
Kerry Emanuel: Probable Cause. Are scientists too cautious to help us stop climate change?
John Prendergast: The Africa Surprise (terrorism)
Blake Clayton: The New Face of Energy Insecurity (cyber attacks)

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